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Species Diversity (Spec. Div.) (ISSN 1342-1670)
An International Journal for Taxonomy, Systematics, Speciation, Biogeography, and Life History Research of Animals
Species Diversity is published by the Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology and complements the Proceedings of the Japanese Society of Systematic Zoology (Dobutsu Bunrui Gakkai Shi) (ISSN 0287-0223). The purpose of Species Diversity is to facilitate the international exchange of information about animal species diversity by publishing papers dealing with all aspects of taxonomy, systematics, speciation, biogeography and life history research.

Online Edition (Open Access)

VOLUME 22 (2017) -- Current volume

VOLUME 21 (2016)
VOLUME 20 (2015)
VOLUME 19 (2014)
VOLUME 18 (2013)
VOLUME 17 (2012)
VOLUME 16 (2011)
VOLUME 15 (2010)
VOLUME 14 (2009)
VOLUME 13 (2008)
VOLUMES 9-12 (2004-2007)
VOLUMES 5-8 (2000-2003) -- with Abstract PDFs
VOLUMES 1-4 (1996-1999)

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Notice to Contributors (PDF; in English) (29 Jun 2017 updated)
Notice to Contributors (PDF; in Japanese) (2 Mar 2017 updated)
The editor (manuscript submission address) in 2016–2017:
Dr. Hironori KOMATSU <h-komatu(a)kahaku.go.jp>
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